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Personalize Your Orthodontic Treatment with
Carriere® MOTION 3D COLORS TM Class II Appliance

With the Carriere MOTION 3D Appliance, achieving a beautiful smile in the shortest possible time has never been so easy. This sleek and comfortable bite correcting appliance was designed with you, the patient, in mind.

What is the MOTION 3D Appliance?

Utilizing the latest in advanced orthodontic technology, the MOTION 3D Appliance ensures a fast, effective, and aesthetic first phase of treatment. Plus, by jump-starting your orthodontic care by correcting your bite first, your overall treatment time is reduced, which means less time in braces or aligners!

Normal treatment time in the appliance is 3 to 6 months, but it can differ depending on your orthodontic case. When the desired movement is reached, your orthodontist will remove the appliance and will place braces or aligners to complete your orthodontic care.

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